1. Rent Out Storage Space.

Land Owners are reaching new markets by diversifying their strategies for making extra income. One way of doing this is through renting out storage space to non-tenants in the mini-storage business. Landlords are even leveraging multi-storage unit opportunities by installing prefabricated containers side-by-side in traditional rental spaces. With 3-4 units fitting into one space, owners can expect more residual paying customers per rental space. Another added benefit of having storage units is how the storage industry operates in regards to non-paying individuals. Delinquent account holders can be locked out of a unit and their previously stored possessions can be flipped into online auctions which help to pay for any losses.


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2. Enter the Ad-Space Game.

Amazingly, this option does not depend on how big or small your building is, if you’ve got traffic nearby, then this strategy can be initiated immediately. There are many opportunities with creating a subsidiary income through signage, such as banners, wallscapes and signposts which can hang outside. These outdoor advertisements make up over 7 Billion in annual revenue in the United States alone. Signage opportunities can reach into the thousands in annual income.



3. Allocate a Space for Airbnb Travelers.

Tap into the hotel market by creating an option for people to stay only a few nights, as opposed to traditional leasing options. Another way of leveraging Airbnb services is by allowing Entrepreneurial Tenants to Sublet their spaces out. This brings more online exposure to your property by leveraging the advertisements tenants are willing to produce. Creating joint-ventures with Tenants is the future of making collaborative income in the coming year of 2019.


4. Watch your Parking-Lot turn a profit.

You can now (in 2019) convert a section of your parking lot into a passive revenue stream by collaborating with ScrubHub’s washing crew. Their Professionals wash tenants cars on-site while people are either home or at the office working. It’s a perfect win-win strategy for both tenants and Landlords because users can save precious time, while property owners receive a monthly kickback from the subscription-based profits.